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Girl/Gorilla Tote Bag

This limited edition tote bag has been produced for Klein Blue's upcoming show, Are There Female Gorillas?

The show explores female body hair and the societal taboo around it that persists. Two characters, Girl and Gorilla, embody the extremes of hairlessness and hairiness, and their ensuing struggle to “solve” their conflicting approaches to body hair is recounted through comedy, live art elements, spoken word and new writing.

A collaboration with illustrator Ella de Souza, the proceeds from this bag will help fund the show being staged at Calm Down, Dear festival at Camden People's Theatre in Spring 2019.

50p from each bag sold will be donated to feminist charity The Fawcett Society.

www.elladesouza.co.uk // @elladesouza
www.fawcettsociety.org.uk // @fawcettsociety
www.kleinbluecollective.com // @kleinblueclt

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